Verifone - V400C

V400c has the following specs:

Touch screen, Smart Terminal, Paperless receipts, Autobatching, Hardwired,  High speed.

Verifone - P200 Pin Pad

P200 specs:

Verifone Pin pad for the V400c

Poynt Smart Terminal

Poynt Smart Terminal specs:

Touch screen, Smart Terminal, App store, Can be customizable Paperless receipts, Autobatching, Wireless, Can operate off WIFI, High speed.

Dejavoo Z11

Dejavoo specs:

Inventory control, performance analytics, sales analytics, compact, portable, wireless, wifi, high speed. 

Dejavoo Z6 - Pin Pad

Dejavoo specs:

Dejavoo pin pad for the Dejavoo Z11

FD 150

FD 150 specs:

performance analytics, sales analytics, compact, counter top terminal, paper receipts, pin pad available. 

FD - RP10

RP 10 specs:

Pin pad for the FD 150 allows for NFC payments.