What our clients are saying.

Clinton Shaw

"Our business use to process with square, until Juan Martinez came into our business and showed us a better system named Clover. He offered us a full station with a flat rate lower than 2.75%. He set everything up and trained all pf my employees. I was skeptical at first to switch payment processors but I have absolutely loved the system! Thank you for taking care of my business."

VapeCity AZ

"Switched from Square to Pearl. We received a Clover with a in-person install by our local rep. Got the rates I was promised. Very happy with everything."

Taylor Condrin , 

Taylor Enterprises

"This POS dealer is very connected and informed in the market. They sent out one of their staff to install my hardware for me and I was up and running within a few hours. They Also Boost My marketing for free. Great company to do business with. I was impressed from day one with this company."